THE FANS OPINION: Preston North End Vs Nottingham Forest


Ahead of Saturdays game between Preston North End and Nottingham Forest we interviewed a fan of either side for their views on the upcoming game, Preston, who are in fine form at their home ground Deepdale, will be looking for all three points whilst Forest are in desperate need of something from this game as they look to widen their narrow gap on the relegation places.

PRESTON FAN: Stephanie Lambert (Twitter:@PNEFansForum)

1) Who has been your most influential player this season?

For me, it has to be Aiden McGeady. His experience combined with his skill is indispensable to our club. He is only on loan but since his arrival the team have a massive attacking element to them which has been something the fans have been calling out for. He’s good to have in the squad for the younger ones, especially the Irish lads. He is a top quality role model. He scored beautiful goals and can make something from nothing and can carve through defences with ease. He can be a very dangerous player.

2) Do you think Preston are still in with a chance of promotion?

I mean it is a big ask but it isn’t over till it’s mathematically impossible and you should know this league. It’s very unpredictable, so anything can happen. I believe in the lads and I have seen a similar situation at this point in the season before and we made it. So why not? Though, we have a few tough teams to play in our final games. Newcastle is the last game and not forgetting Leeds away.

3) If you could choose the starting 11 for Saturday, who would it be?

Maxwell, Cunningham, Huntington, Clarke, Boyle, Mcgeady, Pearson, Gallagher, Horgan, Hugill and Barkhuizen

4) What are your predictions for the game on Saturday?

I predict a tough game, no offence here but we usually do worse against teams below us. The real in me says 1-1 but the Preston in me says 2-0 so I’ll stick to 2-0!


  1. Who has been your most influential player this season?

For me, Eric Lichaj. In what has largely been an awful season he has comfortably been our most consistent player, giving us 100% each week. We would certainly be in a better position then we are if we had 11 Eric’s!

2) How confident are you that Forest will avoid relegation?

Ultimately it all comes down to how much the new manager gets out of the players in what is now a ‘mini season’.He’s had two weeks to work with them and i’m sure he now has an idea of how he will approach each game. The teams around us have some tough matches and its in our hands. I think we will stay up, but it’s going to be close!

3) If you could choose the starting 11 for Saturday, who would you choose?

Smith, Lichaj, Mancienne, Mills, Pinillos, Cohen, Vaughan, Pereira, Osborn, Clough, Brereton

4) What is your prediction against Preston?

I personally think we will get a point and that the score will be 2-2.

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