THE FANS REVIEW: Rotherham United Vs Fulham


The Fans Review’ is a new article we hope to do for three games after each Championship match day. We aim to interview a fan from both sides after a game to get their views and opinions from it. Todays review is after the Rotherham United Vs Fulham game, which saw the victors Fulham move into the play off places, whilst Rotherham were subsequently  relegated to League 1 for next season.



  1. What was your thoughts on your sides performance today?

I thought the performance was alright, we did well in parts but our strikers lack confidence just like the rest of our squad. There was little fight or passion which is what millers fans demand week in week out. Only positives from yesterday were Carlton Morris impressing on his home debut, and getting relegated before the Sheffield Wednesday game on Tuesday night.

2. After being relegated, what do you want to see from the rest of the season?

After being relegated yesterday I want to see more passion and fight from our squad as our manager wants the team to have some pride try and win 3 games from the remaining 7 games. I want to know who’s going to be the manager for next season so planning for league one can begin immediately and that can only start when Tony Stewart makes the decision on Wednesday. I’m hoping Paul Warne doesn’t get it, however I don’t blame him one bit for what’s happened this season, I just think there’s better managers out there to take us forward

3. After yesterday, what would you change about your side?

I’d change most of the players if I could, not much quality and most of them don’t care about the club or playing for the shirt, Dexter Blackstock being the prime example. He earns over 11k a week I believe and he’s been here since September however he’s still not fully fit and he’s stealing a living from the club. Main reason why I’d change the players is because of the losing mentality. Once that sticks into the players minds it’s very difficult for them to get rid of it. I’d expect some big changes at the club in the summer and would be very surprised if most of that squad is still there come August.

4. Do you believe you will make it straight back to the championship next season?

I’d like to think we could make it back up to the championship straight away but if someone offered us a top 10 finish I’d take that, the club needs some stability and also needs a proper infrastructure in place so we can push on and improve as a club. I personally think it will take 2 seasons for us to be back in the championship. It’s not that easy to get promoted from league one just ask Sheffield united fans. We’ll hopefully see big changes at the club in the next few years so the club can enjoy a bright future.



1. What did you make of your sides performance yesterday?

Our performance was typical of an international break hangover. Slow and never in 5th gear. We got the goal that was needed which in previous years we wouldn’t have. Rotherham offered very little but did have a few half chances in an otherwise completely controlled game by Fulham.

2. The win saw you move into the play offs, do you believe you can secure promotion this season?

I think if we do stay in the play off spots and if we can avoid Leeds in the semi we have a great chance of going up. Our records vs the teams around us is pretty decent and if not for some poor results earlier in the season vs bottom half teams we could have even been battling for automatics. If we make it to Wembley the pitch will suit our style perfectly and I think we could tire out any of the 3 above us. Just pray it never comes down to a pen shootout!

3. After yesterdays performance if you could change one thing about your side what would it be?

In regards to changes to the side I would have picked the same team as Slav did. I feel Chris Martin is a bit overweight which could be addressed. On Martin, he missed an absolute sitter in the second half and sulked around for 5 minutes after. Looked like he didn’t want to be there and wishing the ground swallowed him however after this 5 minutes had passed he pulled his socks up and got grafting. He was our best player after that. Hold up play. Little touches bringing others into the game. Keeping the ball alive for our goal. He was busy. At the end he came over and apologised to the travelling support and it takes a big man to do that. Fair play to him.

4. What do you hope to see from the remainder of the season?

My hope for the remainder of the season is to just keep picking up points like we have been. We are on a great run at the moment and we can only try and continue. When Slav got Watford promoted their final 14 games ended in 10 wins 3 draws and a loss(I think) so he knows how to get teams on a run at the right time. It would be nice to not have to go to Sheffield Wednesday final day and win to keep that play off spot but if we are in with a shot come final day I’ll still take it, especially after the last few seasons we’ve has.

Big thanks to both fans for taking part in our new blog. If you would like to get involved for future articles like this one with your club, then get in touch with our Twitter @EFLChampBlog.






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