FAN FOCUS: Norwich City


‘Fan Focus’ is a new article where we ask three fans for their views and opinions about their personal favourite Championship club. In this weeks feature, we interviewed three loyal fans about their beloved club, Norwich City.




  1. Who has been your best player so far this season?


It’s been a weird season. One of under achievement, away form and performances have been so poor and Neil chopped and changed the team so much it’s hard to pick a player that’s been consistently good this season, but if I had to it would either be Jonny Howson or Cameron Jerome. Both work extremely hard and on their day are terrific. 

2.  Do you think your side are still in with a chance of promotion this season?

Yeah I think so. There’s still enough games left to catch Wednesday and the managerial change may focus the players. Away form will be key, Irvine will need to get them firing on the road. Had we not fired Alex Neil we would be done for the season. Wednesday are choking at the moment and opening the door up for us, Fulham and Preston to catch them.

3. If you could change one thing about your club, what would it be and why?

Lots of fans would love a big foreign investor to come and play fantasy football at Carrow Road, but I’m pretty sure that would ruin our identity. We have owners who love the club and are real fans, travelling home and away. I wouldn’t want to change that. If there was one thing I’d change it would be our transfer policy and experience during the window. We’re often left dealing at the 11th hour, missing out on players or waiting until we shift one to buy – that rarely allows you to get the targets at the top of the list.

4. What is the best part of being a Norwich fan?

Norwich is a great Club. We have owners who genuinely care about the City and the club and our fans are some of the best in the country. Sometimes we love a good grumble but on the whole we just want to see good football played the Norwich way- ball on the ground and exciting. The club has a real community identity and understands the role the fans play in the success of the club – Something that was at risk when Moxey was in charge as CEO earlier this season. Luckily this was recognized early and resolved.



1. Who has been your best player so far this season?

Most influential player Is a tough one as I don’t think anybody has played to their highest ability consistently. Cameron Jerome has been quality again and always gives 110%. You can’t fault him for that. Just let down by the amount of clear chances he does miss. Our morale has been lifted by players coming in like Dijks and Pinto who again give everything and show so much spirit. That’s what being a Norwich player is all about.

2. Do you think your side are still in with a chance of promotion this season?

My heart says yes. Anything can happen. Couple losses from Sheffield Wednesday and we go on a run then nothing is impossible. My head says plan for next season and I think the board agree with the changes that are happening at the moment.

3.  If you could change one thing about your club what would it be?

I think our priority is to get a solid manager who FITS the Norwich way. Not someone who’s going to be good for a year and then fade out. If these changes behind the scenes and new roles all work out then we will be back in the big time without a doubt.

4. What would you say is the best thing about being a Norwich fan?Unknown-27

Best part are the fans. It’s like a family. Away from the jam packed London style city where everyone supports different teams. Has a real community feel at Carrow Road and that’s what’s so special. Norwich is a sea of yellow and green and always will be.



1. Who has been your best player so far this season?

Jonny Howson. No surprises that his injury in late autumn coincided with a horrific run of 8 defeats in 10 for City. Such a calming influence on games, and has weighed in upfront including a dead cert for goal of the season. Norwich fans may be concerned of any circling vultures during the close season if promotion is not achieved. 

2. Do you think your side are still in with a chance of promotion this season?

Given there’s only a gap of 5 points, on paper we should be in with a chance of the play-offs, but realistically I doubt there are many City fans expecting an extended run to our season. We have an atrocious away record and are yet to beat any of the teams in the current top 9 (most of whom we have to play in April), so time will tell – but I’m not optimistic!

3. If you could change one thing about your club, what would it be and why?


If I could change anything, I’d have gotten rid of Alex Neil months ago when promotion was still a realistic aim for the season. Why on earth the board waited until that target was almost unreachable is something only they will know. Neil was a good, honest, man but he was way past his sell-by date when he eventually got the chop.

4. What would you say is the best thing about being a Norwich fan?

That’s a tough one…I suppose I could never be accused of being a glory-hunter! In recent years our status as the Pride of East Anglia has become undisputed, and our series of wins over ‘that lot from Suffolk’ has been immensely enjoyable – none more so than curtailing their most successful season in years, via the play-offs in 2015. As they’re my hometown club I couldn’t justify supporting anyone else!

Thank you to all three of the fans for taking part in our article. If you would like to feature in a future article regarding our club, get in touch with our twitter @EFLChampBlog









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